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Wednesday 4 November 2015

7th Pay Commission: 3 Times Salary Increase, Every July 1 Increment

7th Pay Commission: 3 Times Salary Increase, Every July 1 Increment

Seventh Pay Commission recommendations submitted to the government. These will be decided on December 31 last. Some changes are possible if necessary. Then it will be sent to the finance department. Please tell the commission chairman Ashok Kumar Mathur, Secretary Meena Agarwal, member Dr. Rathin opinion and conscience is prepared by Rock, Government employees salary increase.

Significant new pay commission recommendations, Three-fold increase salaries of officers and employees and each July 1 proposed to increment.

IAS, IPS and IRS officers do the same salary. IPS and IRS officials complained that it would be far lower salaries they receive from the IAS.

Pay Band are 32 employees at the moment. He proposed to be reduced to 13. Pay-band low and the IAS, IPS and IRS Pay Band will be the same. Children Education Allowance

Central government employees from the first class to students in tenth and 11th and 12th of 40 rupees to 50 rupees every month to children education allowance proposal to give.

Physically or Mentally Handicapped Children’s Education Allowance will get 100 rupees. The child is living with parents rather relocated, then proposed to give him 100 rupees.

> If the child is in Hostl get Rs 300 each month separately. The condition that the children were born before 1987, three of them are family and two children since 1987 when it will feature.

What’s new pay-band special?

> Grade B and C to the one running pay band.
> Group A posts would be two running pay band.
> Central Secretary and Secretary to the Cabinet proposal to give different scale.
> Pay Band 1 minimum pay scale of 21, 200 rupees. Secretary to the minimum recommended 2 lakh.

The new commission’s recommendations would benefit 48 lakh central government employees.

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